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Sicomac Engine Company 3 is raising funds for a major three-part project with the end goal of procuring asphalt paving, replacement of retaining walls, and the building’s roof. Our parking lot is long overdue for paving, and our retaining walls are approaching 30 years old, well beyond the point of rotting. We desperately need to make these fixes ASAP.


Sicomac Engine Company 3 has been very responsible, we have been putting aside portions of your generous donations into a building fund each year. We need $150,000 for these projects and have raised $125,000 so far. We hope to raise enough funds to start repairs within the upcoming year.

Thank you for your support in achieving our goal.


Your neighbors in service,

The Members of Sicomac Engine Company 3

Update 3/23/2021

We have started the first of many projects that are included in our Capital Improvement Project. We just finished replacing our 25+ year roof. Our committee has been working hard to finish up the plans for the rest of the project which includes repairing our deteriorating retaining walls, replace our sinking patio, repave our parking lot, and much more repairs/improvements. We would like to thank everyone that has donated and helped us reach our goal and able to get our project started.

Update 4/28/2022

We have been working hard with getting the final touches done with the contractor and finalizing up all the details with the designer. If you haven't seen yet, we were able to install the new fence around the property. We are hoping in the next month or so to start the project.

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